PHHQP XI: Non-Hermitian Operators in Quantum Physics

August 27-31 2012

APC, Paris Diderot University, Paris, France


The topics of the meeting cover the physical theories and models that can be described by non-Hermitian operators possessing typically some of the following properties: PT-symmetry, pseudo-Hermiticity, quasi-Hermiticity.

More specifically, following fields are included:

* spectral problems and Krein spaces theory

* metric operators and Dyson mappings,

* exceptional points and resonances,

* supersymmetric and Lie algebraic methods,

* integrability and exact solvability,

* random matrix models and non-Hermiticity in statistical physics,

* numerical analysis of non-Hermitian models

* scattering theory, optics, magnetohydrodynamics,

* field theories with indefinite metric,

  1. *classical and semi-classical models.

This is the 11th meeting in the PHHQP series, started in 2003 in Prague :